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May 19th, 2015

I had always thought about going to one of the African countries in my life. When my young adult ministry launched an opportunity for a short term missionary trip in South Africa, I did not hesitate to be a part of it.  During an after-school camp, my team played, sang hymns, and danced with the most unprivileged kids, praying that they would open up their hearts for Jesus. We met and had sharing times with many others there. After the trip, I realize how grateful I am, being used for his purpose. It was not a coincidence that we were meeting those people. God was there with us to reach out to them in particular at his perfect timing.  There are so many more things to be done in his kingdom. It’s about a time for us to respond.

By Jenny Cho

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Kingdom of God in South Africa

May 19th, 2015

I visted South Africa for short term mission trip in the year of 2014. On the very first day of our trip we went to the daily devotion worship and I remember that I was so impressed by how the leaders passionately worshipped God in their own uique way. It was very different from how I worship but I could tell that it was God who created them and they are worshipping God just as they were created. Then I came to the realization that God wants to be praised by all of us in their own way. Differently. I truely think that I am very blessed to see how peoepl e in South Africa worship Jesus. They are passionate, strong and powerful and I hope that one day all the nations gather and give praise to Jesus.

By Hena Lee

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May 19th, 2015

The Kingdom of God is the community where each individual is humbled by the grace of God and practices the Word of God and empowering each other by Holy Spirit. This is what I could experience in my journey to South Africa.

By 박경애

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May 19th, 2015

It was my first time being sent to abroad for missionary trip from my church. I was the person who had always had questions of why there needs to be people sent to the abroad not just serving local community? However, Once my team and I served in South Africa, God showed me not only the answer regarding the question that I had earlier but also his love through children and people whom we served there in South Africa. Because I think God’s plan on us is always beyond our reach we need to keep asking him through prayer and question ourselves of how the kingdom of God would be.

By Namwon Cho

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Children’s Church Camp Report

May 19th, 2015

African Leadership – Khayelitsha

  1. Children’s Church
    1. Children's ChurchAfrican Leadership has been running Children’s churches (Sunday school) to share the gospel to young children between 4 – 14 years of age. Over the past 18 years, children in various areas gather once to twice a week to learn about the gospel.
    2. The ministry vision is to bring up the children of khayeltisha to be Christ-like. Therefore, the ministry started by making children’s churches in those areas that did not have Sunday school programs.
    3. Currently, the ministry is run by 6 coordinators and about 120 teachers covering about 60 areas in Khayelitsha. Every week about 3500 children gather in 60 different children’s churches to sing praise, play games and learn about the Lord.
    4. Most of the teachers are teenagers as they are the ones who are most able to connect and best explain the gospel to the children.
  2. Children’s church teacher’s camp:Children's Church
    1. The heart of the ministry is the teachers. Despite being young, these teachers show commitment to the ministry and love for the lord. Through teacher’s training, these young teachers continue to grow in faith, maturity and love for the lord so that they can better share the word with the children under their care.
    2. At the beginning of 2015, it was noted that many of the teachers and assistant teachers were not baptized, and in April 95 teachers were invited to attend a training camp. Through this training camp, the gospel was shared and 47 teachers were baptized.
    3. Through this camp, the children’s church vision and the goals for 2015 were shared with all the teachers
    4. Lastly, following this camp, the relationship between the coordinators and teachers were deepened to become that of mentor and mentee.
  3. Children’s church information
    1. Location: Strandfontein Campsite Cape TownChildren's Church
    2. Attendance: teacher: 95, Coordinators: 6, Missionaries: 3 (total: 104)
    3. Finances:
      1. Accomodation: (104 people for 2 nights) $1000
      2. Food: $450
      3. Transport fees: $150
      4. Total expenditure: $1600


Through the teacher’s camp the children’s church has taken a step forward and set up a more steady foundation in the word. We thank you. It is through your support and your prayers that God has blessed this ministry.

Please continue to pray with us:

  1. Although our teacher’s are young please pray that they will truly “love these children as they love themselves,” that they will take care, and serve them as family. That through all this they will be filled with true joy from the Lord.
  2. Children's Church Please pray that they wont be boastful of thing of this world, but rather that they will be joyful in the lord, that they will pour out their energy imitating the Lord and following His footsteps.
  3. For those in high school and still studying, please pray that their purpose for studying would be to serve those around them, and to further his kingdom in this world.
  4. Please pray that despite financial, and social hardships that they may face, that they will continue to live and serve with the heart of Christ so that they may continue to help the children under their care to become Christ like.

For the Kingdom!

Emmanuel Elementary School Project

May 16th, 2015

Praise God! The prayers and donations of African Leadership’s supporters have allowed us to complete the construction of Emmanuel Elementary School in Madagascar and open the school for local students. The school currently caters to 80 students in 3 classrooms. The local church currently operates the school and has been registered with the government in hopes to raise the low literacy rate in Madagascar.

Although the land was small, we have constructed a beautiful school building with 3 classrooms and functioning washrooms. The building was constructed to withstand harsh weather and allow air to flow through the building on hot days. Though it was originally planned for the school to have five classrooms, there were unexpected increases in construction materials that affected our plans. The largest classroom measures 6m by 7m and is used for Sunday worship services. The dimensions of the two remaining classrooms are 6m by 5m.

Young Ohm


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May 14th, 2015

It has been over two years since I went to South Africa. It was not my first mission trip but definitely the most memorable one. God was truly at work in that land through many missionaries and local leaders and I was blown away by the humble leadership and unity displayed in them. But the most important thing I learned was about the kingdom of God. Prior to the trip, the idea of kingdom of God seemed only applicable in church setting or during worship and I didn’t know how it can be applied practically in my life. But through this trip, it taught me how to view my life in God’s eyes and how I ought to live as a prince of God’s kingdom. It definitely changed my perspective in life and gave me more confidence in my workplace.

I thank God for this eye-opening experience and Lord willing, I would love to go back there again and serve with those awesome missionaries. For the Kingdom.

Daniel Moon

children in our children church
Children in our children church

children in our children church
Children in our children church

preschool and children church built by Cafe Afrika
Preschool and children church built by Cafe Afrika

children church supported by Cafe Afrika
Children church supported by Cafe Afrika

Time flies when you are having fun…

July 17th, 2013

Time flies when you are having fun (even faster if you’re having fun for the Kingdom). My three months in Africa felt like a mere 3 weeks and it was during those 3 months that I was stretched, pulled, challenged and molded into someone with a wider perspective of the mission field, life outside of our Western society, and on God’s Kingdom.

It’s been 8 months since I’ve left South Africa but till this day, I still catch myself drifting off into daydreams about my time there.  There were struggles there, but I think the bigger struggles appeared as I returned home. What was I going to do with the information I learned? What was I going to do differently in my life? How was I going to transform the world around me? How was I going to live for the Kingdom?

It wasn’t an easy task as life became busier — and I’m still (to this day) struggling with my answers to those questions. But even in the midst of the chaos and busy schedule, I am constantly reminded of those lessons learned every time I see a prayer update go up on Facebook, a prayer letter from the missionaries there, a picture of my time there and I make little changes. I make changes to the way I act, and think and see. I begin to see every interaction I have with people for the Kingdom, and every task I do, for the Kingdom.

Those three words can truly change your perspective in every situation. For the Kingdom!

I had “done” missions

October 21st, 2010

Posted by Grace Kim, short-term missionary, Summer 2010.

This mission trip to South Africa wasn’t my first mission experience, but it seemed like I needed to experience it as if it were my first.

The two weeks I was there with my team, I really had to get over the fact that I had “done missions”. The Lord humbled me and amazed me with the youth workers and teenagers he was using there.  He taught me that I still need him… that His love, grace, and sovereignty has to be not just enough, but more than enough in my life.  If I wasn’t at that place, something was wrong.  Then I experience His unbiased love and grace through the young youth leaders there and my team members.  I didn’t realize how much I needed them to see what God was doing in South Africa, in their lives, and in mine.  His love and grace was so evident because of their pure hearts.  God is just great.

Thank you Solomon, Danielle, Eddie, Judy, and Bryan.  I not only experienced the joy of “ubukumkani”, but also the present blessings of it through you all.

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August 18th, 2010

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