I had “done” missions

Posted by Grace Kim, short-term missionary, Summer 2010.

This mission trip to South Africa wasn’t my first mission experience, but it seemed like I needed to experience it as if it were my first.

The two weeks I was there with my team, I really had to get over the fact that I had “done missions”. The Lord humbled me and amazed me with the youth workers and teenagers he was using there.  He taught me that I still need him… that His love, grace, and sovereignty has to be not just enough, but more than enough in my life.  If I wasn’t at that place, something was wrong.  Then I experience His unbiased love and grace through the young youth leaders there and my team members.  I didn’t realize how much I needed them to see what God was doing in South Africa, in their lives, and in mine.  His love and grace was so evident because of their pure hearts.  God is just great.

Thank you Solomon, Danielle, Eddie, Judy, and Bryan.  I not only experienced the joy of “ubukumkani”, but also the present blessings of it through you all.