Time flies when you are having fun…

Time flies when you are having fun (even faster if you’re having fun for the Kingdom). My three months in Africa felt like a mere 3 weeks and it was during those 3 months that I was stretched, pulled, challenged and molded into someone with a wider perspective of the mission field, life outside of our Western society, and on God’s Kingdom.

It’s been 8 months since I’ve left South Africa but till this day, I still catch myself drifting off into daydreams about my time there.  There were struggles there, but I think the bigger struggles appeared as I returned home. What was I going to do with the information I learned? What was I going to do differently in my life? How was I going to transform the world around me? How was I going to live for the Kingdom?

It wasn’t an easy task as life became busier — and I’m still (to this day) struggling with my answers to those questions. But even in the midst of the chaos and busy schedule, I am constantly reminded of those lessons learned every time I see a prayer update go up on Facebook, a prayer letter from the missionaries there, a picture of my time there and I make little changes. I make changes to the way I act, and think and see. I begin to see every interaction I have with people for the Kingdom, and every task I do, for the Kingdom.

Those three words can truly change your perspective in every situation. For the Kingdom!