Children’s Church Camp Report

African Leadership – Khayelitsha

  1. Children’s Church
    1. Children's ChurchAfrican Leadership has been running Children’s churches (Sunday school) to share the gospel to young children between 4 – 14 years of age. Over the past 18 years, children in various areas gather once to twice a week to learn about the gospel.
    2. The ministry vision is to bring up the children of khayeltisha to be Christ-like. Therefore, the ministry started by making children’s churches in those areas that did not have Sunday school programs.
    3. Currently, the ministry is run by 6 coordinators and about 120 teachers covering about 60 areas in Khayelitsha. Every week about 3500 children gather in 60 different children’s churches to sing praise, play games and learn about the Lord.
    4. Most of the teachers are teenagers as they are the ones who are most able to connect and best explain the gospel to the children.
  2. Children’s church teacher’s camp:Children's Church
    1. The heart of the ministry is the teachers. Despite being young, these teachers show commitment to the ministry and love for the lord. Through teacher’s training, these young teachers continue to grow in faith, maturity and love for the lord so that they can better share the word with the children under their care.
    2. At the beginning of 2015, it was noted that many of the teachers and assistant teachers were not baptized, and in April 95 teachers were invited to attend a training camp. Through this training camp, the gospel was shared and 47 teachers were baptized.
    3. Through this camp, the children’s church vision and the goals for 2015 were shared with all the teachers
    4. Lastly, following this camp, the relationship between the coordinators and teachers were deepened to become that of mentor and mentee.
  3. Children’s church information
    1. Location: Strandfontein Campsite Cape TownChildren's Church
    2. Attendance: teacher: 95, Coordinators: 6, Missionaries: 3 (total: 104)
    3. Finances:
      1. Accomodation: (104 people for 2 nights) $1000
      2. Food: $450
      3. Transport fees: $150
      4. Total expenditure: $1600


Through the teacher’s camp the children’s church has taken a step forward and set up a more steady foundation in the word. We thank you. It is through your support and your prayers that God has blessed this ministry.

Please continue to pray with us:

  1. Although our teacher’s are young please pray that they will truly “love these children as they love themselves,” that they will take care, and serve them as family. That through all this they will be filled with true joy from the Lord.
  2. Children's Church Please pray that they wont be boastful of thing of this world, but rather that they will be joyful in the lord, that they will pour out their energy imitating the Lord and following His footsteps.
  3. For those in high school and still studying, please pray that their purpose for studying would be to serve those around them, and to further his kingdom in this world.
  4. Please pray that despite financial, and social hardships that they may face, that they will continue to live and serve with the heart of Christ so that they may continue to help the children under their care to become Christ like.

For the Kingdom!