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Have you ever wanted to make a lasting difference but didn’t know how? 

$10 is the cost of a couple large mochas, a simple meal out, or parking downtown.  But $10 in Africa goes a long, long way.  Your partnership of $10 every month will benefit many people through the different ministries of African Leadership.

For example, $10 in Africa will:

  • feed a child breakfast and lunch for 1 month in our preschools
  • send 8 children or 6 teens to a life-transforming camp once a year
  • fund 1 week’s operational costs for a children’s church (average size 50 children)

Your contribution with your friends’ contributions can add up quickly to make changes that will last for generations.

 Becoming a Café Afrika member:

  • gives you access to our online community committed to Kingdom living everywhere
  • makes you a vital partner in wholistic and local-led ministry in Africa
  • enables you to make an everlasting difference

It’s an easy way to make a big difference!  Tell your friends!

Join the conversation.  Join the cause.  Join Café Afrika. 

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